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Laura Hamade 03 Dec 2014

Thoughts You Have When You Leave Lebanon

Regardless of where you travel to, as soon as you leave Lebanon you will eventually, if not sooner, realize there’s a huge difference between this country and other places around the world. These are a few of the many thoughts that might run through your mind as soon as leave the country.

I Can Breathe

Whether it’s the smell of Sukleen bins and trucks, sewage, or gas, you’re bound to encounter a pungent smell on every block. The moment you leave Lebanon and exit the airport, it’s as if your nostrils have magically opened up.

People Actually Have to Stop at a Red Light

(Image via My new mobil)

You’re probably so used to the chaos on the streets of the city that you’ve forgotten what it’s like to safely drive a car. Yes, you have to stop at a red light. And yes, wearing your seatbelt is required. Hopefully where you’re going there are a lot fewer accidents.

Why Isn’t Anyone Staring at Me?

It often depends on where you are, but in other places, people like to mind their own business. Only in Lebanon can an old woman walk down the street and get 88 men to stare at her and 13 of them to make some type of sexist and perverted comment.

I Have to Wait in Line at the Bank?

Yep! No cutting at the grocery store or movie theater either, unless you want to be asked to move to the back of the line.

I Miss Sunday Meshawe at Teta’s

(Image via Lebanese Food Photos)

Remember that one time you told your mom you never wanted to go to your grandmother’s house for weekly quality time with your family because Kareem ate your last batata 7ara? You’ll eventually take that back and think about all the fun times you had with your crazy, embarrassing family.

Wait, Can I Still Throw My Banana Peels on the Ground?

(Image via Børre Ludvigsen)

Believe it or not, not all countries have the same issue that Lebanon has when it comes to littering. You most likely won’t find feces, half-eaten apples, and wrappers on every corner.

Isn’t the Power Supposed To Go Out Sometime Soon?

(Image via New Yorker)

It’s understandable, you’re used to it. You might as well enjoy that episode of How I Met Your Mother without the electricity going out right before you find out who it is.