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Laura Hamade 28 Nov 2014

You Know You Live in Lebanon When…

Everyone has his or her own opinion about living in Lebanon. Some love it more than anything, and others would get the heck out with the first chance they got. Be it a power outage during an exam, or a two-hour traffic jam, we can all agree that most of these things are distinctly Lebanese.

1. Pepsi is pronounced “Bebsi.”

2. You know how important wasta is in order to get anything done.

3. The electricity goes out in the middle of a wedding.

4. Sometimes your showers are cut short due to the lack of water.

5. You’ve become immune to people staring at you in the streets.

6. When greeting people, you’re never sure whether to kiss cheeks two times, three times, or simply shake hands.

7. You find it really strange if you see someone in a restaurant taking leftover food “to-go.”

8. You can enjoy the beach and the ski slopes on the same day.

9. You’re invited to at least eight weddings each summer.

10. This reminds you of your childhood.

11. You end up having lunch more than once because the food is just that good!

12. Fireworks go off in the middle of the day for every pointless occasion.

13. Security guards and traffic police stare at you and whistle as you walk by them fully clothed.

14. You’re stuck in a traffic jam and the driver in the car next to you asks if you’d like to order an arguileh.