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Clauda Tanios 05 Dec 2014

Six Ways Lebanese Guys Flirt with Girls

Men give lots of signs that they are interested in you that you can watch out for. Unless they’re not interested in you, in which case they will still do a lot of these same things. Just remember, ladies: one man’s friendly is another man’s flirty. But here are some strategies you can look out for:

1. The Facebook Way

(Image via First to Know)

Facebook and other social media platforms have become a major playground for flirting. Lebanese guys send private messages, comment on pics, and even use the silent ‘Like’ button. I’m not saying that EVERY ‘Like’ means that EVERY guy is flirting with the girl in the picture, but it is definitely a major player in the politics of flirtation.

2. The “5allina Nshoufik” Way

(Image via Meetingtipscamp.com)

When a guy is too nervous to ask a girl on an actual date, he’ll just say, “we should hang out sometime.” Lebanese guys use this, or alternatively they’ll say, “lezim na3mil shi kelna sawa” as a group hangout. Some girls tend to see it as a friendly gesture, but 90% of the time it is indirect flirting.

3. The “Sorry Demoiselle, La2it 3endik l 3G?” Way

(Image via Huffington Post)

This expression is definitely the new “sorry demoiselle bas ade lse3a?” Um, could you be any more pathetic? Okay I know I sound harsh, but weak approaches and lame excuses never work! When will you learn? Confidence is the best way a guy can stand out. Using played out expressions like these is not sexy, Lebanese Mr.

4. The WhatsApp Group Way

(Image via Pix Good)

This has actually happened to me numerous times: by flirting with girls in a group message, the guys get ‘support’ from their friends to make it less awkward., Since it’s a group for fun and ‘ta2 el 7anak,’ the guy can joke around without being taken too seriously. Also if the two individuals associated with flirting all of a sudden disappear from the group, that means they started flirting in a private conversation. Let’s hope they’re not sexting!

5. The Favor Way

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Lots of Lebanese guys do favors for the girl they’re attracted to in order to express their interest and desire for something more. Although doing a favor is hugely appreciated, it doesn’t scream, “I like you,” so much as, “I want to get to know you more.” And girls end up leading the guy on most of the time without knowing. So think twice the next time you’re getting lots of help from that guy who is not really a close friend.

6. The Direct Way

(Image via The Guardian)

This is the rarest form of flirting, but also the sexiest. With social media sites, and apps, and text-message services, no one flirts directly anymore! Yes, a Facebook message might seem direct, but it’s not the same as face-to-face flirting, with eye contact taking the lead.