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Beirut.com 09 Jan 2015

All You Can Eat: Sushi Ko Unveils New Ko-nveyor Belt

Sushi lovers, rejoice! Every day from noon to midnight, Sushi Ko Hamra proudly presents The Ko-nveyor Belt, featuring all-you-care-to-eat sushi for a mere $29.

The meal experience unfolds with a heartwarming miso soup to stir the appetite, followed by deliciously addictive edamame and a light kani (crab) salad to cool the palate and stoke your senses into gear.

After that you get free reign over how to quell your hunger. Feast your eyes on the parade of dishes making the rounds along The Ko-nveyor Belt. There’s everything from the traditional sushi—a bed of steamed rice covered with a slab of salmon, tuna, crab, mackerel, or other edible—to the more artful rolls like Sesame Ura, Ultimate Ura, Crunchy Ura, and Futo Maki. Sushi Ko also offers original favorites like the Cotton Maki, a rice roll stuffed with salmon, tuna, crab or shrimp, and the Salmon Coat, a salmon-wrapped rice roll cradling avocado, cheese, kani or spicy salmon. There’s so much to choose from and nothing to hold you back (except the bounds of your stomach, of course).

So when hunger hits hard, and you’re resolved on steering it healthy this year, then head to Sushi Ko Hamra for a fresh, fun food fest like no other.

Sushi Ko lives up to its name: “ko” translates to “yours” in Japanese, as in “your sushi”. The international chain, host to the largest network of Japanese restaurants across Lebanon and Romania, combines the traditional with the modern in a dazzling array of sights, tastes and flavors. ISO certified in 2008 for its Total Quality Management system, Sushi Ko takes hygiene, professional service, and quality to a whole new level that’s evident from the moment you step foot in one of its outlets.

Sushi Ko Hamra
Golden Tulip Serenada Hotel
Tel.: +9611739539
Mob.: +96170211199

Sushi Ko has branches across Lebanon. To find the restaurant nearest you, click here.