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Lama Hajj 13 Jan 2015

Eight Ways Amal Killed it at the Golden Globes

The era of the trophy husband has finally begun! The world got to watch while Amal Alamuddin Clooney stole the show several times throughout the Golden Globes awards.

It’s like the entire glamour of the Golden Globes had zero effect on Alamuddin. The celebrities, the cameras – they all seemed like an inconvenience to her; it seemed like the entire thing was filled with her husband’s annoying friends, and she would have rather been home reading The Human Rights Act, or something.

Here are eight ways Amal killed it at the Golden Globes:

1. Her blasé attitude towards everything:

(Photo via celebrity.yahoo.com)

She looked like she was mentally giving everyone the finger each time they won something.

2. Her dress:

(Photo via stylecaster.com)

Understated. Dior. Perfect.

3. Her Michael Jackson-esque “I don’t give a f*ck” gloves:

(Photo via telegraph.co.uk)

Yeah she’ll wear weird white gloves if she wants to, because she worked on the Enron case, okay? She can do whatever she wants. Plus, this may have been the smartest way for her to dodge the ridiculous “manicure cam” that the E! Channel bullies people into partaking in.

4. Her side-eye on the red carpet:

(GIF via collegecandy.files.wordpress.com)

She refused to do shots of tequila on the red carpet and gave some serious side-eye to the woman who tried to pressure her. Just don’t cross her.

5. Her activism:

(Photo via usatoday.com)

Accessorizing with a well placed #JeSuisCharlie pin on her white clutch, and you just know she’s the one who asked George to tack one onto his tux.

6. She beamed while her husband stumbled through his speech towards her:

(GIF via nymag.com)

Clooney looked dopey and in love when delivering a nervous speech to his bride, while she smiled affectionately.

7. She smiled graciously when Tina & Amy shed some light on the reality of award shows:

(Photo via
(Photo via

Would she be interested in hosting next year? I feel like she’d roll her eyes, toss the cards, and tell everyone to go read about the Armenian genocide.

Oh, George was also at the awards in case you missed him.