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Laura Hamade 16 Feb 2015

Twenty Thoughts Every Girl Has On Instagram

“I’ll just check to see if anyone posted something cool today,” you tell yourself before you open Instagram.

You tap on the app with no intention of stalking, judging, or drooling over anyone or anything. But before you know it, you’re on a stranger’s account wondering how she can devour two Shake Shack burgers and still look like a fitness model. Here are 20 thoughts every girl has while browsing through Instagram.

1. I don’t really like this picture, but if I like it, maybe I’ll get a like in return. *Double taps every picture*

(Image via pixgood)

2. Honey, you’re using all the wrong hashtags. Do you even know what #tbt means?

(Image via Instagram)

3. Someone please tell her to leave at least a minute of space between uploads. Ten at a time is just not cool.

4. If I had sweatpants that cute, I’d be at the gym too.

(Image via Pop Viral World)

5. She definitely used every filter available. No one is naturally that pretty.

6. I really hope I don’t get fat looking at all this food.

(Image via Instagram)

7. His new bae is hideous. She can have my sloppy seconds. I don’t care.

8. If my picture doesn’t get at least three likes in the next five minutes, I’m deleting it.

9. Why hasn’t anyone liked my picture yet?

10. Ok I’m sure they’re all busy. I’ll give it another five minutes just to be sure.

(Image via Gopixpic)

11. I really want to upload this picture but I wore the same sweater in last week’s picture.

12. Will anyone notice that this picture was taken in the bathroom?

13. That’s it, I’m becoming a fashion blogger.

(Image via Favim)

14. Please stop with the selfies.

(Image via Imgflip)

15. Are duck lips still a thing?

(Image via quickmeme)

16. How come my close-ups never turn out like that? It must be the lighting.

17. It’s only 9:00 AM. How did you get a chance to get up, make breakfast, and upload a picture of it?

(Image via Food Republic)

18. She’s getting married too? Excuse me while I feed my 32 cats.

(Image via Pikdit)

19. How many of his pictures can I scroll through before I’m considered a stalker?

(Image via Twitter)

20. Don’t hit like. Don’t hit like. Don’t hit like.

(Image via Instagram)