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Lama Hajj 21 Feb 2015

This Man’s Hand Grenade Necklace Is Everything

Stop what you’re doing. Stop it right now. This man has a necklace made of hand grenades… and it is just perfect. That’s right, there is a new style icon in town and it won’t be long before Vogue magazine recognizes him as one of the great fashion symbols of our time.

(Photo via The Daily Star)

Wael Kamel Youssef may have had 109 outstanding arrest warrants for murder, drug trafficking, theft, and grenade throwing, but his only true crime was a killer sense of style.

Youssef’s effortless swag puts us all to shame.

Notice how he pairs his funky statement necklace with a pair of casual Oakley-inspired sunglasses and a simple black deep-V tank. With style like this, I’d like to imagine that when he wasn’t busy terrorizing a neighborhood or selling drugs to children, he was serenading his lady friends with a rendition of the Bruno Mars classic, “Grenade” while wearing this very grenade necklace, and nothing but this grenade necklace.

*Wink, Wink* You foxy minx.

I’m guessing it won’t be long before some avant-garde designer attempts to steal Youssef’s signature look with a grenade-inspired jewelry line. You know, war is the new black.

It should be noted that Youssef died due to injuries sustained during a stand-off with police last Thursday. Did he scream, “Say hello to my little friend,” before he tossed that final grenade? We’ll never know, but let’s pretend he did.