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Yaesoun Hamoud 10 Mar 2015

ISIS Parody Videos Ranked From Least to Most Offensive

If we can laugh at ISIS, we relegate them to exactly where they belong—the realm of the absurd and ridiculous. That being said, it doesn’t mean the end result is always funny.

So here at Beirut.com we decided to roundup a selection of ISIS satire videos, ranked from least to most offensive. Take a look:

5. The Kurdish ISIS Parody

We get it, the Kurds have been fighting tooth and nail against the ISIS hordes and we can understand their impulse to mock the group. However, with some derogatory ethnic comments, hints towards bestiality, and a redundant chorus that insists that ISIS members are all brainless, this may not be the best example of biting satire. Still, we admire the resilience of Kurds to laugh in the face of their enemies.

4. Al-Iraqiya TV’s Looney Tunes-Style Cartoon

It makes senses that the people most directly affected by ISIS would be some of the most ardent critics. Iraqis have produced a plethora of cartoons and videos mocking the extremist group, and who can blame them? Their country is caught in the crossfires. Al-Iraqiya has produced some Looney Tunes-style cartoons, portraying the group as bumbling untrained buffoons, more capable of firing a rocket launcher in the wrong direction than actually succeeding in their long-term strategy.

3. Al-Falastiniya TV’s ISIS Parody

The video from Al-Falastiniya TV humorously mocks the concept of an ISIS checkpoint, showcasing ISIS fighters questioning travelers, fighting over who gets to shoot them, and finally executing them for minor offenses all while talking about the women they recently banged.

2. This Hilarious Video Floating Around Social Media

Okay, to be honest we have mixed feelings about this. On the one hand it makes us laugh — a lot. But on the other, we wouldn’t want any of ISIS’s high profile victim’s families to EVER watch this. Not ever! So judge for yourself, but at the same time, creating a video mocking the video production abilities of ISIS—the thing that the media seems obsessed about praising—does seem rather appropriate, no?

1. LBCI’s Ktir Salbeh Show

Alright, we’ll admit it: our number one pick might be biased, but I mean, we are in Lebanon after all. LBCI’s Ktir Salbeh show has been relentless in its mockery of ISIS, from mock interviews with ISIS leaders to farcical interactions between ISIS members, the show hasn’t held back any punches.