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Lama Hajj 15 Mar 2015

The Knefeh-Croissant or ‘Cronefeh’ is the Greatest Thing To Happen To Lebanon Since EVER

Stop what you’re doing because you’re about to fall in love. You’re also about to develop type two diabetes, but that’s beside the point.

Have you ever looked at a picture of food that looks so delicious that your stomach starts churning in anticipation? That is exactly what happened to so many of us last week when this photo emerged on the Internet. We strongly advise all nutritionists to stop reading right now. Go no further into this realm of sinful decadence.

(Image via Facebook)

Notice how tightly the man in the photo is gripping his dessert. It’s because he knows its value. This is so much more than just a dessert; a lame piece of pie is a dessert. What we are talking about here is the marriage of two ideas: it is East meets West, it is the Camp David Accords (but one in which something successful actually happened) of desserts.

This, dear friends, is the knefeh and croissant, a culinary match made in heaven that we have aptly chosen to name the ‘Cronefeh.’ The Cronefeh is a chocolate croissant that has been stuffed with a heaping portion of cheesy knefeh. It is the latest Lebanese attempt to play God. It is ready to be delivered to your mouth holes with the imminent threat of diabetic-shock increasing in every bite.

But guess what? It’s worth it.

Beirut.com contacted Sea Sweet only to find out that the Cronefeh is not new at all, rather it is something they offer regularly and has been around for a few years now, but has gotten increasingly popular in the last couple of weeks since a photo of it began circulating online. It mostly seems like something that was dreamt up by a drunken and PMSing teenage version of myself, but whether it’s a new or old idea, I can get behind this dessert simply because it is a sugary-dough-chocolate-fat-carbohydrate food bomb, and those are the main five food groups I try to stick to.

So chop off my legs now and shoot me up with insulin because the only thing I have to say to the Cronefeh is: get inside me now. I don’t need a summer beach body, I don’t even need a winter body; I only need you and your love.

Have you tried the Cronefeh yet? Tell us about it in the comments section below!

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