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Beirut.com 16 Mar 2015

#GetPumped: Five Reasons You Need Reebok ZPump Sneakers Right Now

Have you been formally introduced to the new Reebok ZPump sneakers yet? If you haven’t, just walk over to your closet right now and throw out every other pair of shoes you own; you won’t need them any longer. Although these shoes really cornered the market on running shoes, anybody can wear them! Not only are they are scientifically designed to enhance your running performance, they also look really cool!

Still not convinced? Here are five reasons you need Reebok ZPump sneakers right now:

1. Just look at them
These things are gorgeous. They come in several colors, so no matter where your tastes lie, there is something in the collection for you: you can choose between the solar yellow and black, the red and black, or the simpler graphite black ones – they’re all amazing and eye-catching. They are fashionable sneakers without being obnoxious; they are effortlessly chic and go extremely well with anything. Pair them with casual jeans or dress them up with a skirt for a cute preppy look. You can’t go wrong.

2. They’re the best shoes in the world, according to science
These shoes adapt to you. Reebok’s exclusive Pump technology is an air-filled cage that molds to any runners foot for a locked-in, custom fit. That’s right, they’re basically shoes that are tailored for you, with a lightweight fusion and seamless compression sleeve that will wrap the shoe perfectly around your foot.

3. The versatility of the shoe
Performance, comfort, and a cool color palette. This is not just an athletic performance sneaker. Of course, you can wear them at the gym or while running, but there is nothing preventing you from wearing them while you’re out shopping, going out to lunch, or even to the beach! They’re the perfect shoe for the spring season.

4. Your body will thank you
Ladies, it’s time to give your body a break from heels and opt for sneakers. Beauty doesn’t always have to mean pain. Suffer no more. The shoes are also extremely light and breathable, which means your feet will be in heaven every time you lace up.

5. Everyone else is going to be wearing them
Sneakers are at the core of spring fashion this year, having already been featured in several runway shows and in many designers’ collections. This means that everybody will be sporting some version of the sneaker this year, and with the Reebok ZPump’s impeccable design and style, they’re guaranteed to be a front-runner. So don’t be left out, stay ahead of the trends and get your pair of ZPumps now!

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