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Lama Hajj 01 Aug 2016

Get Buzzed And Stay Cool: We Found The Best Summer Cocktail In Beirut

After finding the best winter cocktails in Beirut, I went out and tried every possible Summer cocktail in Lebanon so you guys wouldn’t have to.

You are all welcome.

There were many strong contenders (several involving flower petals that I almost choked on,) a couple of horrible ones, and one that offered me a vodka 7Up and tried to pass it off as a cocktail.

But my search came to an end when I found this drink at Badaro’s own L’avocat, pucker up because this about to become your new favorite drink.

The cocktail is called the Calvados Bellini. It is refreshing, light, and perfect!

Here is my horrible photo of the drink – I tried to be artistic by putting a bunch of grapes there but they kind of look like leftover trash.

The ingredients include Pommeau de Normandie, an apple flavored brandy that has hints of dried fruit and honey – Apple syrup, sweet and tart – and chilled Prosecco. The result is a delicious cocktail perfect for keeping you refreshed and thoroughly buzzed throughout this season. It tastes light and fruity without being too sweet; it is bubbly and perfect. The deep flavor of mulled cider coupled with the fresh taste of the apple gives a layered feel to each sip.

The best thing about this cocktail is that you can drink it at any time of the day! It is the perfect drink to compliment your brunch, to wind you down at sunset, or to kick off your night out. Though it’s easy to love a Bellini, this one is very special.

L’avocat also has great Happy Hour deals everyday from 4 – 8 pm offering 40% off on all appetizers and salads, beer, wine and prosecco, pitchers, and cocktails. And as the name suggests, they have a special place in their hearts for lawyers, offering lawyers and one of their guests 50% off on all foods and beverages Monday – Friday from 10 am – 4pm.

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