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Lama Hajj 30 Apr 2015

Salma Hayek And Strida Geagea Pose For The World’s Most Awkward Photos

During her visit to Lebanon for the premiere of the animated feature film, The Prophet, somewhat-Lebanese and extremely-Mexican Hollywood actress Salma Hayek got to explore different parts of Lebanon and meet people like Member of Parliament Sethrida (Strida) Geagea; which resulted in a couple of hilarious photograph being taken.

As you can see in this first one, Strida looks like she is about to mount Salma, Salma is sporting the most awkward cringe-smile known to man, and if you look carefully you’ll also notice Salma clutching a man’s arm, yearning to be saved. Below are some possible explanations of what could be happening in this photograph.

(Source: Reuters)

Note: for maximum effectiveness, make sure to play the dialogue out with a heavy Mexican accent for Selma, and a Lebanesey-Frenchie vibe for Strida’s lines.

Scenario one: The Non-Doppelgangers

Strida: People tell me we look exactly alike! What do you think?
Salma: Hee hee, yeah…totes.
Strida: You want to take me to Hollywood and put me in your movies?
Salma: Mmmkay…
Background guy: This is awesome!

Scenario two: The Eating Of Selma Hayek

Strida: Your face. It looks delicious. May I taste?
Salma: Huh?
Strida: *devours Selma Hayek*
Background guy: Spank-bank material!

Scenario three: Lebanese Politics

Strida: You’re an Ouwet supporter, right?
Salma: What is that? Like an enchilada flavor or something?
Strida: I will eat your face, Selma. Don’t mess with me.

Scenario four: Plastic Curiosity

Strida: Girl, who is your plastic surgeon?
Salma: I just eat well and try to stay out of the sun.
Strida: Yo don’t be a b…
Salma: *Clutches background man’s arm*
Strida: He can’t help you here; we’re on my turf, literally.

Scenario five: Sethrida The Soul-Eater

Strida: Come closer…
Strida: Your soul is my fountain of youth and I shall devour it.
Salma: Erm, do you want my autograph or something?

The second hilariously awkward photo shows Strida fangirling hard, leaning over and caressing Salma ever so tenderly; only to be met with a polite curt smile from Selma.

(Source: Reuters)

Scenario one: Do You Like Me Yet, Selma?

Strida: Hey, did you see these awesome seats I booked us?
Salma: Yes, thank you.
Strida: No probz, that’s what best friends are for!

Scenario two: Bling Sisters

Strida: Selmz, did you see my ring? It’s kinda like yours.
Salma: Si.
Strida: We’re such twins, classic Strida/Selma shenanigans.

Scenario three: Sweet Memories

Strida: Hey
Salma: *silence*
Strida: Hey Selma, hey.
Salma: What?
Strida: Remember earlier? When I tried to eat your face? LOL
Salma: Let’s just try to focus on the speaker, okay?
Strida: Yeah, yeah totally.
Strida: I love you…
Salma: What?!
Strida: Nothing.

And one last photo for you that perhaps perfectly describes the certain horror Salma Hayek faced in a sea of Lebanese piranhas this week. It’s as if her face is saying, “save me, save me,” and everyone around her simply smiles in pleasure at the thought of her impending demise. If no one ever hears from Salma again it’s because Lebanon ate her. Our entire country consumed her for dinner. The end.

(Image via The Daily Star)