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Lama Hajj 08 May 2015

We Asked Lebanese People to Show Us Their Most Recent iPhone Note

iPhone Notes are the window to the soul! We asked people what their most recent iPhone notes were and this is what we found:

1. The woman who put off writing her thesis by listing the 50 states:

2. The woman who really, really wants a Teacup dog:

3. The bachelor’s grocery list:

4. The creepy dreamer:

5. The nail-polish enthusiast:

6. The series junkie:

7. One girl’s New Year’s resolutions:

8. The to-do list:

9. The woman who figured out who stole her iPad and saved his email:

10. The man trying to get the visa:

11. The delightfully eclectic person:

12. The modern day Andy Warhol:

13. And lastly, lots and lots of people’s passwords and PIN numbers: