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Beirut.com 05 Jun 2015

We Got A Peek At Sushi Ko’s New Menu And We’re Drooling

We live in a wonderful world where you can press a few buttons on your phone, and sushi appears at your doorstep. Sushi ko’s new mobile app and website combine two of our favorite addictions: sushi and cell phones!

Sushi Ko has been one of Lebanon’s leading sushi joints for several years since its opening in 2002. It has managed to remain a top competitor for so long because the management, chefs, and wait staff have always kept in touch with their customers’ needs.

A perfect example of this is the new website and mobile application they are launching. The new interactive website provides a user-friendly way for you to order your food online with absolute ease. The mobile application makes things even more simple and fun, with the extremely innovative “Feed Me” button you can press to have a sushi ko operator call you to take your order from the nearest delivery center! The mobile application will also keep the vast and delicious menu right at your fingertips. The real treat comes when you scan the QR code and get to watch videos of some of sushi ko’s newest and most innovative dishes!

Aside from this technology stuff, the people at sushi ko have remained true to their roots by continuing to produce some seriously delicious food. We got a peek at the new menu. Here’s a look at our favorites:

Check out these gorgeous Mexican Shrimp Tacos, a crunchy taco shell filled with a generous portion of juicy shrimp and deliciously creamy guacamole.

Or you can go Arabian with the new Seafood Moghrabieh, a delicious twist on a Lebanese classic.

Other items on the new menu include this Spicy Shrimp and Mushroom dish, a delicious tempura mixed with fresh mushrooms and sushi ko’s delectable spicy sauce.

There’s also the Paella Valenciana, a hearty favorite loaded with baby octopus and shrimp.

For comfort food lovers, the Trendy Siyadiyeh is your dream come true, a heaping portion of home-style Lebanese rice and fish.

More eclectic flavors include the Couscous Pesto Fish – a perfect balance of pesto fish, Mediterranean vegetable ratatouille, and Moroccan couscous.

Want to stuff your face in the most delicious way imaginable? Let me introduce you to the Ko Bridge. It’s 84 pieces of sushi served on a plastic boat. It’s got everything from sashimi to salmon sushi, avocado maki and crispy salmon ura maki. All aboard!

If you’re not feeling the set menu offerings, you have the option of creating your own menu. Choose from a delightful mix of innovative sushi offerings, like broccoli and salmon tartar or mango, salmon and crab sushi.

The only thing better than a real cake is sushi cake. This one’s topped with avocado and mango. Yaaaaas.

Quinoa is the superfood trend in Lebanon that simply won’t die. And we’re totally ok with that. Check out this number called the “Wedding.” It includes mixed kani, salmon and quinoa on a bed of iceberg lettuce.

The best part about all these new upgrades is that sushi ko has retained the simplicity we originally fell in love with; they still serve up fresh and delicious dishes and are dedicated to keeping their customers happy. So download sushi ko’s new mobile app or log on to the new website and let your fingers do the walking. Your stomach will thank you later.

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