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Dalia El Ali 02 Jun 2015

It’s Tough Being Different in Lebanon, But It’s Totally Doable

Here’s to all the people who are a little bit different. Remember: you gotta do you, no matter what anyone else says.

I rarely drink, and it’s not because I think it’s bad or anything like that, I just don’t enjoy the taste. I have to be in a bit of a dark mood to drink and genuinely enjoy it. Some people have a problem with this.

I think we have all experienced this next type of person in our lives: the judgmental a-holes who are overly concerned with our personal lives.

The annoying human-turned-mosquito who keeps buzzing all sorts of bullshit in your ear like: “When will you get a boyfriend?” “When will you get married?” “Don’t you want kids?”

Eh, ne22e ba3d!

When you’re a dancer, musician or an artist of any kind, some people will look at you like you’re just nuts because they don’t understand that your art becomes a part of who you are as a person.

I’m a hip hop dancer who tends to wear baggy jeans all the time. It’s my style and it’s what I feel most comfortably wearing, but that doesn’t mesh well with some of my girlfriends.

While we’re on the subject of appearances, how about the girl who suddenly changed her appearance so much that she looks like she just came out of the movie, Twilight. This HAS GOT TO GO!

The tan, thick eyebrows, big lips and lasered lens trend needs to DIE! It’s tough being different in Lebanon, but it’s totally doable.