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Dalia El Ali 01 Aug 2015

The Problem With Lebanese Service Drivers Explained in One Image

There are many things wrong with Lebanon as a country, but there are even more things wrong with the people here.

Take, for instance, taxi drivers. You try not to be a prick to them, but sometimes they just won’t let you behave otherwise. Like the jerk who drives you toward your destination but then decides to drop you off 15-20 minutes away from where you want to go because he doesn’t want to make a u-turn.

So you’re left to cross a terrifying highway full of maniacal Lebanese drivers, all the while just praying today is not the day you die.

The most I can do to enact revenge is give the service guy a wad of crumpled or torn money. It’s like my only personal version of angry birds. Peep peep peep peep peep, HORNK!