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Laura Hamade 09 Jun 2015

The Nine Coolest Offices in Beirut

In places like these, it’s safe to say “peace out” to corporate culture. A cool office offers a more comfortable environment, and employees at these offices don’t seem to be complaining about the usual 9-6 grind.

Here’s a roundup of awesome offices in Beirut where creativity and ingenuity are never in short supply.

1. Zoomaal

One of Beirut’s hidden treasures, Zoomaal is home to a handful of hard-working Zoomaalians that operate one of the most successful startups in the region. With vibrant graffiti, an array of clocks from the MENA region, and a plethora of souvenirs and artifacts from various Arab countries, the creativity is truly brimming over the office.

“Even though we had a budget to decorate the interior, we decorated the place on our own because we truly believe in putting our soul into our work. We’re young and hip and love expressing ourselves,” said Layal Jebran, Project Manager at Zoomaal. Despite the PlayStation, Foosball table, dartboard, and office mascot Rex, the team continues to remain focused on the work ahead.

2. AddBloom

(Image via Facebook)

Honoring cultural identity through fascinating design, Addbloom is tucked away in a quiet street in Mar Mikhael. If the beautiful exterior is any indication of what the interior looks like, then this office is undoubtedly a superb architectural beauty. It’s located in what Beirut calls the “Blue House.”

3. Virgin Radio Lebanon

(Image via Facebook)

Aside from being Lebanon’s hub for entertainment, Virgin Radio Lebanon has an extremely innovative office space. With a studio dominated by vibrant colors and even livelier people, VRL hosts enjoy playing Foosball and admiring their legendary wall of autographs. This office is all about fun and relaxed vibes, and the best part is, the welcoming team doesn’t laugh at you when you miss a step. [Guilty.]

4. Nymgo

Not sure if it’s an arcade or an open office space, Nymgo is a leading Internet and communications service located in Beirut’s Digital District. “It’s really fun and relaxing to work here and we have lots of games and activities so there’s always something exciting to do, says Business Development Consultant Jad Abou Abdallah. Their office-made Monday morning Saj breakfasts, Ping-Pong tournaments and Foosball table, are just a few of the perks of this awesome office.

5. DW5

(Image via Facebook)

DW5 is by far one of the most inspiring studios in Beirut. It is located in a 700-square-meter industrial loft in the Karantina sector. The studio features a massive open space shared by talented architects. With shiny red floors, luxurious cars and motorcycles, and talented artists, this studio is one of a kind. Talk about inspiration!

6. At7addak

(Image via Instagram)

When the largest user-generated gaming entertainment network in the Arab world set out to open an office in Lebanon, they also set out to make it one of the coolest offices in the region. Their workspace reflects their passion. The At7addak team has no shortage of distraction, yet they’re always on top of their game (no pun intended). This office is a melting pot of professionalism and fun, a necessary combination for a successful gaming company.

7. Coworking 961

(Image via coworking961)

This fascinating co-working space in Beirut is definitely worth mentioning. Coworking 961 hosts workshops, conferences, and many other events related to innovation, entrepreneurship, and networking. Located in the beautiful greenery of Sursock Palace, it offers a modern work environment, ample co-working space, and even lets hard working visitors enjoy the scenic outdoor space.

8. AltCity

(Image via Facebook)

AltCity is one of the leading entrepreneurship hubs in Lebanon and boasts co-working spaces, offices, event spaces, and a cozy café. With a beautiful wood interior, a calm and motivational work environment, and natural sunlit rooms, all are welcome to put their creative minds to work.

9. Nestle Waters Headquarters

(Image via Bernard Mallat)

Nestle Waters’ warehouse and offices are located in a lot near the Beirut River. Designed by Bernard Mallat Architects in association with Walid Zeidan, this architectural beauty is intended to be a safe and efficient building, not to mention stunning. Just one look and you will be in awe over this magnificent piece of artwork.