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Christina Fakhry 28 Jun 2015

Eight Fashion and Beauty Trends You Should Replace This Summer

Transitioning into your summer wardrobe after an endlessly bipolar Lebanese winter can be a confusing stylistic endeavor to say the least. Luckily, we’ve simplified the task for you by compiling an upfront rundown of all the fashion and beauty trends to drop this summer and what they should be replaced with.

Trimmed Nails Instead of ‘Predator’ Nails

I still don’t understand why the world went all nuts over pointy sorceress-like nails for almost two years now but I am utterly and wholeheartedly glad the predator nail fad is finally over. In order to keep up with this much-needed universal awakening, simply trim your nails in the most natural, human-like fashion and voilà: you’re a kickass stylish summer goddess. As for fellow nail art enthusiasts, be thankful because you won’t have to exhaust your eyes with elaborate nail patterns this summer. Minimal designs with empty spaces allowing your natural nail color to show (yes, this is happening) are the trend nowadays. Thank you humanity.

Patchwork Prints Instead of Florals

We’re not bashing floral prints here because, let’s be honest, who doesn’t like florals? But if you wish to be in on the latest fashion developments, we advise you to reduce your floral fabric consumption this summer and opt for more patchwork garments instead. Hail diversity!

Shirt-Dresses Instead of Curve-Hugging Dresses

We’ve seen your curves, we know you have curves and I can assure you your curves will always be in our curve-obsessed Levantine minds, but please do consider switching to more laid-back shirt dresses as these are making an unparalleled comeback on the runways this season. Shirt dresses are cool, breezy, and comfy and they definitely leave more room for your respiratory system to function properly.

Head Scarves Instead of Flower Crowns

A friendly reminder to the entire Lebanese female population: you are NOT Lana Del Rey. Flower crowns have become too over-spotted to still qualify as a fashion statement of any kind. Try growing real flowers in your backyard for a change. Head scarves are the only hip alternative in the hair accessory department this summer.

Flare Jeans Instead of Jeggings

(Image via @nathalieatallah on Instagram)

In case you’re wondering what Jeggings are, they’re the contemporary word mashup for Jeans leggings. However, I’m not quite sure this new word will survive the summer vacation because the garment it is meant to represent is falling out of style. Updated summer denim regulations include ampler variations such as the 70s-inspired flares (which also make you look taller on a side note).

Balayage Instead of Dip-Dye

My mind is unable to process the fact that dip-dye is still in existence. The hair fad curiously survived for much longer than I (or any other fashionably sane human being) had expected, but the time has come for it to be pronounced dead once and for all. Why not try dyeing your hair in one color just like normal hair was meant to be like for a change? And if this sounds too farfetched for you, go for balayage or sunkissed highlights, the newest 2015 hair trend.

Polo-Style Shirts Instead of Crop Tops

The sporty spirit continues this summer with polo-style shirts back in the spotlight. The world has had enough of bare belly buttons for once (a historical moment, indeed). You may go back to wearing your good old polo shirts now.

Platform Sandals Instead of Platform Sneakers

Do I even need to comment on this? Platform sneakers are EVERYTHING that’s WRONG with the whole universe. Minimal platform sandals all the way!