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Lama Hajj 25 Jun 2015

Finally, A Reason To Like Shia LaBeouf

There was a time when I was saying to myself, “Shia LaBeouf has got to stop.”

Shia is a Disney alumni. He was the star of the often strange show Even Stevens, where he played a quirky teen who would get involved in many shenanigans (think: Dennis the Menace without the funny parts.) Although he’s not a terrible actor, he’s definitely an annoying one. His characters in the movies Disturbia and Transformers were basically the same person – a loser who gets to sleep with hot girls on the regular.

(Image via showbiz411.com)

But more importantly, Shia has been teetering on the brink of insane douche-baggery for a while now by pulling several anti-publicity stunts. First he wore a bag over his head with the words “I AM NOT FAMOUS ANYMORE” written across it, and then he was part of a pop-up art installation called, #IAMSORRY, in which visitors got to go into a tiny room and watch Shia cry. Ridiculous.

But just when I had given up on Shia, he was redeemed by the good people of the Internet. Someone created this meme and Shia has suddenly become cute and likeable again!

(Image via Facebook)

This is the perfect example of how the internet can make or break you. It’s why everyone hated McKayla Maroney, the Olympic gymnast who made a single face and has since been known as the “not impressed” girl.

But the internet saved Shia this time around. As a play on his name, they dressed LaBeouf up in different religious garb to transform him into other LaBeouf’s.

Look how adorable he looks as a dancing Sufi LaBeouf; it is perfect. And he’s edible as Ismaili LaBeouf; he looks happy, peaceful, and purposeful.

Shia: quit the acting thing, it’s not for you; it makes you obnoxious and insufferable. Clearly, your true calling lies in modeling a variety religious wear with a huge grin on your face.