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Lama Hajj 02 Jul 2015

13 People On The Best Compliment They’ve Ever Received

Compliments are great, especially when they’re about your body! We kid; the best compliments come from the heart. We asked people what the best compliment they’ve ever received was, and this is what they had to say:

“My dad told me he couldn’t have asked for a better son, that’s always been the best compliment to me especially since he has never been very vocal about his emotions” – Gaby.

“My High School teacher told me I was destined for greatness, even when I didn’t do so well in her class, she told me I was going to be something and that was the first time I had felt that to be true” – Melissa.

“When my son tells me I am the best mom, that’s my ultimate compliment!” – Maya.

“One of the doctors in medic al school told me I had a knack for neurology after I was on his rotation, it gave me an insane boost in confidence and helped me narrow down what I wanted to specialize in” – Assaad.

“When our friends came to visit Lebanon from Sweden, they told our family that Lebanese people were the most generous and wonderful people they’ve ever encountered, it made me so proud that they had such a positive experience in my country” – Mary.

“The best compliment comes when my girlfriend calls me exceptional, and reminds me of my true potential” – Ali.

“Any compliment given to me by my kids is a great one, especially since kids are more honest and pure so I am more inclined to believe them” – Maha.

“Getting an award for my drawings in architectural design class is the reason I applied for a Master’s degree and eventually became successful” – Charlie.

“I’m a home-baker and after tasting one of my cupcakes, a client asked me to design and bake her wedding cake. I was so flattered and happy” – Sara.

“I travel a lot for work and it’s always a delight to hear how foreigners feel about Lebanon, it’s almost always positive. They love Lebanese food and Lebanese people” – Moe.

“My daughter was asked to write about her personal hero and she wrote about me, I must have cried for days” – Carla.

“It may seem silly but I work at a cafe and my customers always request for me to be their barista, it’s actually really flattering” – Nour.

“Getting reviews from my students at the end of the semester, reading how I inspired them or changed their life in some way is always the most rewarding experience” – Youssef.