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Dalia El Ali 16 Jul 2015

Having a Resting Bitch Face Can Be a Real Problem in Lebanon

Having a resting bitch face is one of the worst things you can have in Lebanon.

People here are very friendly and it’s not uncommon to start conversations with total strangers. In other words, they’re very approachable. When you have a resting bitch face, people assume you’re stuck up and tend to refrain from talking to you.

For those unacquainted with this phenomenon, bitch face is perceived as an angry facial expression [usually being exhibited by a girl] who just naturally happens to look mean when her face is expressionless or just neutral.

My whole life has been a chorus of: “what’s wrong? You look mad. Cheer up. Smile! Is everything okay?”

But the thing is, I’m not mad. This is just my face.

Every friend I’ve had, after a few months of friendship, tells me: “OMG I thought you were such a bitch when we met. You’re so nice though!”

Thus begins the constant cycle of reassuring friends, family and whoever else I’m interacting with that I’m not actually mad at them. The worst part is: no matter how many times you try to convince them you’re fine, even happy, they simply don’t buy it.

And that whole “Smile!” thing can really get on my nerves when it’s coming from a complete stranger. I don’t have to smile all the goddamn time. Also, I don’t even know you so why do you care!?!?!

this. is. my. life.