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Dalia El Ali 17 Jul 2015

Things I Hate: People in Lebanon Who Don’t Pick Up After Their Dog

Most Lebanese residents already think the country is a giant trash can that they can freely dump their garbage into.

But some dog owners, well, they’re the worst. They let their dogs poop anywhere and everywhere, and then, by refusing to pick up the literal sh*t, show no remorse for the damage they are doing to their our environment.

I don’t even own a dog, but I’m informed enough to know that the first thing any responsible dog owner should do is train their furry friend not to piss or poop on every object it encounters.

Contrary to popular belief, dog poop is not fertilizer they way cow manure is. Dog poop can actually be harmful to plant growth.

There are a number of green areas in Beirut, like the one in front of the Wardieh gas station, where flowers need to be re-planted on almost a weekly basis because of the amount of dog doo that ends up killing the plants there.

So the task is simple: discipline your damn dog! What did plants ever do to you? Or even flowers, for that matter?

Also, stop making the garbage man pick up after your dog. He’s not your personal slave.

And here’s a handy pro-tip, y’all: you can carry around something called a plastic bag. It’s exactly like the one your mother used to pack your jarenek with.