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Lama Hajj 29 Jul 2015

Frenemies Of The State: Six Times Another Woman Screwed You Over For A Man

Do you have trust issues? Do you feel like even your closest of friends is bound to stab you right in the chest because humans are self-serving and cruel? These stories are sure to help move your paranoia into new territory! Here are six women who got screwed over by their best friends.

“Basically my friend stole the string of boyfriends I had all throughout high school. I’m forgiving by nature and I would give her the benefit of the doubt but once we were seniors I had eventually had enough of it and stopped talking to her completely.” – Yasmine, 24

“A close friend of mine told me that my best friend of six years would routinely sleep over at my boyfriend’s house. When I confronted them they both denied it and majorly ruined my friendship with the person who has initially told me. It was all good until they sat me down to tell me they were in love and getting engaged” – Anonymous, 27

“A friend who I would consider a close friend slept with my boss and basically had him fire me and hire her instead. The good part of the story is that he eventually fired her too” – Noura, 30

“After my boyfriend and I broke up, my best friend would still go out for lunch and drinks with him. She said they were just friendly and that she felt awkward breaking off the friendship just because we had broken up. Fast forward a couple of months and she slowly started speaking to me less and less, I found out they were dating from the second we had broken up. Good riddance!” – Mirna, 27

“When my best friend started dating a popular guy in High School she started ignoring me and told me we couldn’t be friends anymore. She also spread all my secrets to her new popular group of friends and basically ruined the last two years of school for me” – Joanna, 28

“My best friend’s parents caught her with a lot of hash that belonged to her boyfriend, but because she wouldn’t turn in her precious stoner boyfriend she ended up throwing me under the bus and telling her parents that it was mine. She tried to apologize a few times but was thoroughly convinced that it wasn’t such a big deal” – Rachelle, 25