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Angie Nassar 16 Aug 2015

The Horrific State of My Teenage Eyebrows

Eyebrows are very important, you guys. But oh man, I’ve had some sad brow game in my lifetime.

When I was a teenager, and still trying to figure out my identity (AKA copy what the other girls at school were doing while also reading the confused, mixed messages dutifully delivered by Cosmo magazine), I had thin, arched eyebrows that I penciled over in a hue 12 shades darker than my natural hair color.

I also wore brown lipstick. (Let’s all take a moment to fully appreciate the mental image conjured by this). Give me a break. It was 1997, a time when even movie stars would fashionably overtweeze and sometimes even shave off their brows to achieve that PERFECT pencil-thin rainbow arch.

But clearly, I wasn’t a movie star. And instead of an arch, my eyebrows looked more like black colored zig-zag shapes drawn over my eyes. And I looked like a friggin’ hoochie.

The worst is when I would sweat during gym class and go back to the locker rooms with brown streams of liquid dripping from the top of my forehead.

One time, I decided to try one of those electric brow shavers. I can still hear the buzz of the hair leaving my face. Word of advice, peeps: DON’T TRY TO USE AN ELECTRIC ANYTHING. YOU WILL TAKE YOUR EYEBROWS OFF, WITHOUT A DOUBT.

And by the way, it’s totally possible to pluck your eyebrows so much that they stop growing back. If you damage the follicle enough, you’re done. To this day, I have a naked patch in the middle of my right eyebrow that I’m forced to draw in with a pencil. I might as well have been using garden shears on my face when I was a teen. What a mess.

I’m happy to report that nowadays my brow game is totally on-point, thanks in part to an angled blending brush, eyebrow powder and a professional who shapes them for me.

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