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Myriam Khoury 05 Aug 2015

Four Emerging Health Trends in Beirut

In the fast-paced and stressful world we live in, it’s easy to prioritize work or our social life over our body and mind. Fortunately, more and more people are becoming aware of how important it is to be healthy inside out, and Beirutis, always ahead of the trend, are slowly but surely catching up to the newest healthy living movements.


One of the most apparent trends to hit Beirut in the past few years has been the practice of yoga. A few years ago, yoga had been lurking under the radar, with a few courses being taught here and there. But as the many health benefits of yoga started to circulate within both social and medical circles, the practice began spreading like wildfire, eventually becoming a staple in many people’s daily lives. As certified yoga teacher Nicole Farah told me, “A lot of the people attending my yoga classes first come with little knowledge of what yoga is, or a lack of enthusiasm, believing it’s “just stretching and humming. When I explain to them what yoga is, I see changes in attitudes, and recurring attendance.” The practice is gaining momentum in Beirut, with yoga centers opening and participation in events such as the International Day of Yogareaching significantly unprecedented numbers.

Healthy Home-Delivery Food Services:

Another trend that has been appearing throughout Lebanon in the past few years is healthy eating. Now, we’ve all done our fair share of diets, cleanses, fasts, 7-day programs, and the like; we’ve all seen how they rarely last and how fast their results disappear. Lately though, the focus has shifted from “diets to lose weight at any cost” to “lifestyles that are healthy and sustainable”. And, of course, the Lebanese market has followed. With the typically busy Beiruti in mind, a few companies have even developed home-delivery systems in which they provide nutritious and light meals specifically tailored to every customer’s personal needs, making sure that each individual receives an adequate amount of weight loss-friendly food.

Vegetarian and Vegan Food:

Healthy food has become a part of many restaurants, and is even the sole focus of some. But what about those whose diet is restricted by physical issues or moral values? Vegetarians and vegans have long been ignored by mainstream restaurants, but this is slowly changing. In addition to finding a few vegetarian/vegan meals that were already part of the Mediterranean diet, you can now find restaurants in Beirut that cater to vegetarians/vegans almost exclusively, finally including those of us who are looking to eat out without being restricted or discouraged by the lack of options.

Organic, natural products:

But Beirutis don’t stop here when it comes to healthy living. In addition to making balanced diets a lifestyle, people have started seeking organic produce and all-natural products. The importance of organic produce is becoming more mainstream than it was in the last couple of decades, and organic kitchens ]as well as all-natural products are steadily emerging. Brands are informing the public about what’s in their product, how it was made, and whether or not it’s safe for you.

All in all, people are becoming increasingly aware of the toxic products, habits, and mindsets, and are rapidly moving towards a more natural, sustainable, and healthy way of living.

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