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Natalie Khairallah 10 Aug 2015

Seven of the Best Lebanese Advertisements and Campaigns

Lebanon seems to have joined the advertising industry in what marketers have termed sadvertising—sad advertising, or emotional ads. Truthfully, most of our purchases do not come from rational decisions (even though our egos may say elsewise). Sadvertising, when done correctly, simply provides emotional content for us emotionally-based creatures. Just like Pavlov’s salivating dogs, creative agencies have long been conditioning us by tapping not into our minds, but our hearts. The best Lebanese commercials and campaigns also happen to be the weepiest; and our list is sure to touch your soul and pluck (a little harder than usual) at your heartstrings.

National Organization for Organ & Tissue Donation & Transplantation

Client: National Organization for Organ & Tissue Donation & TransplantationProduction house: Wakanda FilmsDirector: Lara SabaDOP: Michael LagerweyProducer: Sebastian Guillet

Posted by Ads of Lebanon on Monday, June 8, 2015

Wakanda Films produced two similar videos for the National Organization for Organ and Tissue Donation and Transplantation to encourage organ donation. We know we are in for a tearjerker when the ads start with words “bury me” and “my beloved,” referring to loved ones lost. We learn that they are both organ donors and have left the world to give hope to eight living individuals in need of their organs.

Unmeasurable Peace of Mind—BLOM BANK

During every single second, and throughout our hours, days, and years, we’ve learned to count and measure things like our personal strength, motivation, popularity, strength, and success. But BLOM BANK is here to provide services that will elicit immeasurable emotions: happiness, hope, trust, love, tenderness, and peace of mind.

City of Angels: Ramadan in Beirut—Al Rafai

Warning: Watch this campaign behind closed doors. Unless, of course, you don’t mind weeping in front of your family, friends, or strangers. All throughout Ramadan 2015, Al Rafai sent angel drones carrying boxes of donated items to families in need. “While some are able to fully enjoy the month of Ramadan, there are many who can only hope to survive it, so we thought we’d send a few angels their way,” said Al Rafai.

Drive Safely—Kunhadi Lebanon

In Lebanon, the question ‘Do you need anything?’ always elicits the same old response: ‘All I want is your peace/safety.’But what if your mother, son, or daughter wasn’t around to ask that very simple question that most of us take for granted? Kunhadi Lebanon plays off of this in order to encourage all viewers to drive safely on Mother’s Day.

Messages from Lebanon

“No matter how far I get from Lebanon, it always remains close to my heart.” Yup, for the 15 million (or so) Lebanese living abroad, and in turn, the natural lovers of nostalgia, this one is a tear-jerker.

The Good Old Days of Lebanon—Bank Audi

An oldie, but a goodie. This commercial, aired in 2010, includes snapshots of Lebanon in its “good old days.” The father takes his son through his heritage, the worth of money, and how he first met the mother, all those years ago. The narrative of this commercial, all too familiar for any Lebanese, will leave you with a wistful desire to return back to those “better days” where the grass seemed a little greener.

Give Mom Back Her Name: #MyMothersNameIs – UN WOMEN

“As a sign of appreciation for a lifetime of love, this Mother’s Day thank Mom with one small gift: Give Mom back her name,” says UN Women.
Shhh. This is actually an Egyptian production from 2010, but it’s such a creative and awe-inspiring campaign that we just had to include it on our list. Watch and you’ll find out why.

Stay tuned for our list of funniest Lebanese advertisements, coming soon!