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Mia Arawi 12 Apr 2016

No Visa Required: 5 Places To Visit With A Lebanese Passport

We Lebanese get a bad rap in the international relations circle…so much so that getting a visa to most countries with a Lebanese passport is a grueling process that makes you rethink your entire trip. But the Lebanese passport is good for some things. Currently, it allows visa-free access to 33 countries. Here are some of our favorite spots to which you can travel without a visa.

1. Maldives

The Maldives islands are located in the Indian subcontinent and allow entry to Lebanese passport holders without a visa. You can get around the breathtaking islands by boat, but planes are usually reserved for tourists. The clear blue waters are ideal for snorkeling and diving, but the Maldives are also becoming an increasingly popular surfing destination for those of you who are more inclined to extreme sports.

2. Kosovo

Only slightly larger than Lebanon, Kosovo is a disputed territory in the Balkans that only recently gained its independence. It is a melting pot of Serbian, Albanian, Romanian, Turkish, and many other cultures, and is the perfect place to experience all those cultures in one place. Known for its historical and archaeological landmarks as well as its nightlife, there’s a lot to do in this beautiful country. One must-see landmark is a 17th century shopping center that was burned down and rebuilt recently. This country has a very rich history and a vibrant present, and is much like the Lebanon of the Balkans.

3. Bolivia

This South American country is great for when you’ve seen everything. Touristically, Boliva remains largely unexplored and it’s great for experienced travellers who are bored with the usual travel experience. Bolivia is famous for its ‘Death Road’ mountain bike tour (we know, enticing), which allows you to see the country in a unique and exciting way.

4. East Timor

East Timor is located in Southeast Asia and is known to be ideal for scuba diving due to its immaculate beaches and coral reefs. Although tourism isn’t very common in East Timor, this hidden gem hosts one of the most spectacular festivals in the world. Carnivale de Timor is an annual festival that is held every April featuring Timorese costumes, music, dance, and food. Many other foreign embassies participate in the event.

5. Turkey

Turkey is one of the most beautiful countries in the world and was visited by over 30 million tourists last year. It’s not hard to see why. The mix of Eastern and Western cultures appeals to many people. You can visit the ancient city of Ephesus to see ruins pre-dating Roman times, or see the many gorgeous mosques and churches in Istanbul, or take a cruise in the Bosphorus Strait. There’s no shortage of things you can do in this incredible country.

[Images via WikiTravel.]