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Laura Hamade 02 Sep 2015

Nine Couples you Meet in Lebanon

From the lovebirds that swap spit in public, to the childhood sweethearts that are destined to grow old together, here are the nine types of couples you’ll find in Lebanon.

1. The mushy couple

They’re constantly sending each other lame quotes about love, pictures of their breakfasts,and just about every other trivial detail of their lives. They only have eyes for each other, and it’s nauseating for anyone watching.

2. The PDA couple

AKA the “lets swap spit in public and make everyone else feel uncomfortable” couple. Is it just me or does anyone else nearly vomit when they catch these two laying on top of each other on beach beds? I’m here to tan not watch a porno.

3. The “he’s twice my age” couple

The dollar signs in your eyes say it all.

4. The “he beats me but I love him” couple

It’s awkward for everyone involved…

5. The hot party couple

This is the couple you’ll always catch bumpin’ and grindin’ in the club, and Instagramming their nights is a full-time job.

6. The polar opposites couple

Get used to seeing a hideous dude with a bombshell walking hand-in-hand. She’s either after his wallet or casually taking the safe route after she’s had her heart broken multiple times by men in her league.

7. The couple planning their civil marriage

They’re booking their tickets to Cyprus while they try to calm their hysterical mothers.

8. The endless love couple

That couple who has been together since high school, they don’t know how to exist without their other half, and it this point they’re too afraid to try.

9. The “our parents always insert themselves into our relationship” couple

There is always some kind of drama happening because of 1 – wedding invitations, 2 – naming a child, or 3 – someone’s aunt called the other person’s cousin a bitch.

[Images and GIFs via Buzzfeed and Tumblr.]