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Dahlia Hage 23 Sep 2015

How Driving in Lebanon is Really like a Pinterest Inspirational Board

Often times while driving in Beirut, you get into situations that are completely unprecedented and need to solve them without using words. This process is very telling about the Lebanese society and also gives a lot of blunt insight on the decisions we make. The smallest of situations will almost always reflect much grander ideas, or sometimes simply bring out it’s humorous cousin. For example, the simple case of driving down the road with your lights on and encountering someone else with theirs on as well; your first instinct may well be to turn yours off so you don’t blind oncoming traffic. So you turn your lights off, but they still keep theirs on. What do you do? They are blinding you and did not reciprocate the favor. Do you turn yours back on because you should fight light with light? Or do you keep yours off because it was your initial thought? This is a tiny example that can be reflected on much grander scales like important relationships in your life and retaliation behavior.

Many instances while driving in Lebanon can actually be quite symbolic, and dramatic enough that you may feel an 80th century author or your grandma whisper words of wisdom to you. Others, however, are just hilariously helpless and the only way to power through it so laugh it off.

When you have your lights on but turn them off for oncoming traffic, but they keep theirs on:

When you leave your car with a super sketchy looking valet but you are super late to your event:

When you so badly want to kiss while driving:

When you get creative going 3aks el Seir and people start following you to lead the way:

When you are driving in the winter time and you fear that the engine will dip into the massive river of a puddle that has gathered on almost every major road:

When you’re practicing self control with the inconsiderate driver in front of you but then you’re at a red light and roll your window down:


When there is no traffic and it is 5:00 and you’re in Jounieh:

When a guy in the car next to yours is hitting on you by acting like he’s telling you that you have a flat tire:

When you’re stuck in traffic and you fantasize about having a snow plow to smash cars aside and glide through traffic unbothered:  

When you finally arrive home after a real multiple hour blunder of traffic:

Next time you’re driving and find yourself in a tough situation, dramatize the situation and see if it doesn’t immediately make you look at things in a different way, or at least laugh it off.