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Dahlia Hage 04 Oct 2015

The 5 Types of People you Meet in Mar Mikhael

Mar Mikhael, one of the most laid back areas to grab a drink, gained popularity almost instantly 3 years ago as Gemmayze and Hamra pubs became gradually less popular. Mar has the same concept as other areas with its cluster of bars, but it carries a totally different vibe than Uruguay, for example, because of how laid back the pubs and clientele are. Dress up, or don’t – no one really cares. You’ll find people leaning on parked cars with their drinks and flooding the sidewalk and streets; and as most people in Mar visit quite frequently, there is a general feel for the main types of people who hangout there. This is not to say some categories can’t be mixed together and that there aren’t countless other types of people! However, it’s fairly certain that upon visiting Mar, you will definitely run into one of the below characters. 

1. Free birds who come to Mar for coffee at noon with their laptops, then stay for happy hour, then for Lockstock’s 1 AM happy hour. Free birds seemed like a better label than people who think being a hipster is an extreme sport.
2. Socialites who migrated away from Urugay because they heard Mar was hot right now. They feel out of place and don’t get why people are flooding the streets instead of sitting indoors.

3. Middle Aged people who want to be “in” but without getting their hands dirty. They go straight from their valet parked cars to their dinner reservations and straight back out, in style.

4. Newly graduated High School crowds who want to get the college student experience and are still talking about “terminale” and gushing about where their parents think they are.  

5. Young, almost-professionals who used to hang out in Hamra or Gemmayze when they were in college. Since they both died down in popularity and changed clientele, many now gather in Mar after work, or a day of applying to jobs.

Did it bother you that I called it Mar throughout my whole article? That might be because I’m a mix of type 1 and 5. 

Despite this list categorizing the types of people merely for entertainment, while hanging out in Mar Mikhael for a night, these categories are all mixed at various pubs having a good time. There truly doesn’t seem to be any judgement between people, instead there is a noticeable desire to be more open-minded. This is the one thing that these 5 people have in common even upon visiting once, because the atmosphere of the area simply doesn’t leave much room for negative attitudes or categorizing throughout the night.

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