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Lama Hajj 05 Oct 2015

Fist Fight Breaks Out in Lebanese Parliament (Again)

Our esteemed members of parliament have done it again.

During a meeting held by the Parliament’s Energy Committee, a joke in and of itself, a fight broke out between Aoun and Hariri’s employees – I mean, Members of Parliament.

Image via http://claudeelkhal.blogspot.com

The fight was a result of an argument about the electricity crisis (it’s been 35 years, can we call it a reality instead of a crisis?) And each side blaming the other of being a thief and a liar – you know, like you did in Kindergarten.

It became apparent that several MP’s present hadn’t paid their due electric bills in over 10 years, bills accumulating to around $800,000.

You can watch the shameful video below:

The room was filled with millions of dollars in investments and maybe $20 in morality.

This should be the biggest incentive for all of us to join in on Thursday’s protests against this horrendous representation that is plaguing our country. Be there.