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Christina Fakhry 21 Oct 2015

Eight Fashion Trends You Should Replace This Winter

The stormy season is officially back and it’s time to brush up on your fall-winter wardrobe. As usual, we’re here to help.
So roll your scarf on as you roll down our very own compilation of the fashion trends to drop this season and, most importantly, what they should be replaced with.

1. Statement Tights Instead of Leggings

You are kindly requested to give up the comfort of your leggings and slide into a pair of statement tights instead. With diverse patterns and textures to choose from, the possibilities to customize your outfit and elevate your style are endless. Good luck finding your tight-mate!

2. Plaid Instead of Patchwork

After patchwork prints took the runways by storm last season, plaids totally reclaimed the spotlight this fall. Spotted in different variations at Michael Kors, Coach and Alexander Wang, the patterned trend continues to impress. And while throwing an oversized plaid shirt on top of your outfit still does the trick, try mixing prints for a more sophisticated look.

3. Ruffles Instead of Fringes

Following an excessively fringed summer where 70s-inspired fringes took over everything from jackets and skirts to shoes and accessories, Victorian-style ruffles surfaced as a top contender this fall. The feminine trend first graced the runways in the form of romantic ruffled lace collars and is now hitting new grounds as seen with the absolutely exquisite ruffled pocket detail in the picture.

4. Mid-calf Boots Instead of Ankle Boots

Reaching above the ankles and tight around the mid-calves, the midi is the must-have boot of this fall. Flat, chunky-heeled or elegant with pointed heels, mid-calf boots are all you need to brave the stormy weather in style.

5. Culottes Instead of Pants

Wide-legged trousers have been around for a few seasons now and the trend is only going wider! Infused with poise and attitude, culottes are the perfect mix of comfort and style. It’s time to loosen up and break free from the tyranny of skinny jeans.

6. Bomber Jacket Instead of Varsity Jacket

We’re not asking you to shelve your baseball jacket all winter long. However, you might want to venture into the slightly similar bomber trend for a change. Many people do not make a distinction between the two garments to start with but, unlike varsity jackets, the bomber comes in a wide variety of fabrics and its sleeves and base usually share the same color.

7. Miniskirt Instead of Shorts

For the love of mother Fashion and every fashionable creature ever fashioned, it’s time to give your high-waist shorts a break. I think we all agree that the summer fad has been excessively abused by the female population worldwide and should not carry on into winter season (well, I hope). But don’t worry, you can still showcase ’em legs (more like tights) because THE MINISKIRT IS BACK!

8. Thin Scarf Instead of Snood

Fashion is definitely going less chunky and more feminine this fall. Get your hands on a signature thin scarf to seal the deal!