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Joanna Aziz 26 Oct 2015

12 Insanely Cool Couples’ Costume Ideas For This Halloween

It’s that time of year again, where you can wear whatever you want without being judged by anyone. I’m talking about HALLOWEEN! And this time around, we have a special treat for all the couples out there. Check out this list of easy and fun his and hers costumes so you and your partner can match!

From cute and creative to creepy and weird here are the 12 best couples costumes:

1- Ash and Pikachu

This adorable twosome is perfect for any gamer couple. It can be easily done with fluffy yellow ears and a baseball cap.

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2- Mario and Princess Peach

Our favorite hero and the pretty princess are sure to spice up any dull Halloween evening.

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3- Wednesday Addams and Cousin Itt

An Addams family favorite with this weird duo.

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4- Mr and Mrs Nerd

Buttoned down shirts and a dazed look in the eyes to get this costume down.

5- Alice and The Rabbit

Wonderland fans will fall for this costume especially if you play out the roles.

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6- His and Her Human Stick Figures

This is so easy and yet so fun.

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7- Fred and Wilema Flinstone

All you need is a white dress and orange T-shirt for a Yaba daba dooo.
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8-  Plastic Surgery Patient and Doctor

Talk about a Lebanese stereotype. 

9- His and Hers Pop Art Costume

It’s not as hard as it looks. Just some red dots and black lines for this comic book effect.

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10-  Brad Pitt from Seven and the Box

Only film buffs will get this reference of the classic scene. “What’s in the box!”

11- Tom Hanks from Cast Away and Wilson

For the guys with the big beards and lonely hearts.

12- Homer and Marge Simpson

Spend the night drinking beer out of the can like Homer in this costume.

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