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Mia Arawi 06 Nov 2015

13 People Tell Us What They Would Change About Lebanon

Lebanon, like any country, has its flaws. While it’s obvious what needs to change in this country (we wouldn’t say no to some electricity), this is more of a social experiment to see where everyone’s priorities lie. We asked the first thirteen people we saw on the street to tell us what they would change about Lebanon, some of the answers may surprise you!

“I wish we had better spouse and child protective services. I fear getting married after watching so many of my friends’ husbands get violent with them and their children.”
– Leila, 32

“I wish we had more sexual open-mindedness. I’m a girl and I’m worried that if I have sex with my boyfriend word will get out and I’ll be called a slut.”
– Nida, 26

“It would be great if marijuana was legal here. I want to buy my weed without worrying about the darak. Seriously people, it’s less harmful than alcohol.”
– Amin, 26

“I wish people could be treated like equals in this country. The other day I was at the General Security offices and the way they were treating the migrant workers was horrible.”
– Hind, 39

“I wish there were more local bands to enjoy. I get sick of the R&B and Hip Hop that plays in pubs.”
– Ziad, 18

“I just want to have electricity 24 hours a day so I don’t have to go up the stairs to my apartment when there’s no electricity!”
– Abdallah, 66

“I would change the fact that I can’t find an apartment whose rent costs less than my salary.”
– Bob 24

“I wish public transportation was safer. The traffic situation over the past year has become unbearable and cabs can get expensive!”
– Aida, 34

“We want free public Wi-Fi!”
– Hassan, 21

“I wish something could be done for all the beggars on the street. I feel helpless looking at them and knowing they may never have a fair chance at life.”
Giselle, 56

“I wish all the supermarkets would stop selling fake and expired products! Seriously, I’m tired of getting poisoned.”
– Cynthia, 30

“I wish politicians would stop closing roads every time they want to go to the parliament, it’s not like they get anything done there anyway.”
– Nuha, 34

“It would be cool if we had more gay bars in Lebanon, maybe help us move into this century?”
– Omar 28