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Christina Fakhry 07 Nov 2015

20 Things That Marked The Childhood Of Lebanese 90s Kids

Besides Disney, of course.

1. You were all about adding color to your milk.

2. Rolling was totally your game.

3. And you just knew how to get your life in order.

4. Happiness meant one thing.

5. And joy came in two perfect halves…

6. You knew how to pair your snacks.

7. Peanut butter who? Peanut chips all the way.

8. Squeezing two meters of gum inside your mouth was regular business.

9. There were even moments where you enjoyed sucking on a foot for no particular reason.

10. That’s of course when you weren’t busy indulging on jewelry.

11. Your wardrobe was sponsored by…

12. And your sneakers could light up the whole universe.

13. One eraser was never enough, you had to have a whole stack of them.

14. Your life was definitely too organized to be true.


16. Normal pencil sharpener? No thanks.

17. You had particularly demanding hobbies.

18. You also dedicated your free time to collecting art.

19. Dédé’s kids show kept you entertained in the afternoon.

20. And you surely know who this is…

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