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Mehr Shafiei 10 Nov 2015

Lebanese Celebrity Tweets: Why Miriam Klink Is Worth Following

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram—every day we are literally bombarded with content in every shape and form. But as social media becomes more and more ubiquitous in our lives, many people are becoming more selective of the people they wish to actively follow. When it comes to Lebanese celebrities, some are much more worthwhile than others.

While I love Nancy Ajram, her Twitter account is filled with boring “happy end of day” posts, usually accompanied with a generic airbrushed photo of her—the same image you see on every billboard lining every highway in this country. Unfollow.

Elissa’s account is more philosophical but super cliché. She recently reminded her followers that Shakespeare once yipped: “I cried when I had no shoes, but I stopped crying when I saw a man with no feet.” The rest of the time she’s busy adoring herself. Ummm..cool?

Cyrine AbdelNour (my favorite celebrity because she looks like my aunt) has one of the most run-of-the-mill accounts you can find. It’s pure PR. She thanks corporations for sending her free stuff by using hashtags like: #dress #shoe #amazing #thankyou #iloveyou. And the rest of the time she’s encouraging you to hate Halloween.

But Myriam Klink is totally different. She takes chances. She discusses politics. One of her best posts was when she put up a black-and-white picture of Justin Trudeau, topless. The caption: “This handsome man is Canada prime minister wow @justinptrudeau not like ministers here full of kerech.”

Then there was the time when she asked married women if they enjoy seeing their husbands go to the bathroom:

She gives us gems like this:

Long live the revolution and long live the Queen of Klinkistan.

So let’s all purge boring Tweeters. Let’s let the cream rise to the top. Long, live the queen of Klinkistan!