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Lama Hajj 12 Nov 2015

Jeb Bush Says Lebanese Christians Will Be Beheaded

Following in the footsteps of his brother and father, Jeb Bush is here to let us know that he too, knows nothing about the Middle East and Lebanon.

During the fourth Republican debate, Jeb declared, “If you’re a Christian, increasingly in Lebanon or Iraq or Syria, you’re gonna be beheaded.”

By merely lumping the three countries’ realities and problems together, you have proven that you know nothing about the Middle East. The problems of Iraq are not the problems or Syria, and they are not the problems of Lebanon. We all have common threads and threats, sure. But the realities we face, as Christians or Muslims, are not the same. The truth is, a Muslim Syrian is much more likely to face terror and beheading than a Christian Lebanese is. Also, using fear tactics to incite the masses is old, both your brother and father did it – just ask them.

Jeb, we realize you’re just keeping true to the family’s tradition of simultaneously knowing nothing about the Middle East and making broad statements about it (think: “it’s a slam-dunk case” – GWB, about the Iraq war), but you need to switch off the Fox News every once in a while.

Of the long, long list of worries on every Lebanese Christian’s mind: the lack of social security, poverty, political corruption, and a garbage crisis – beheading is not near the top of the list.

So, Lebanon’s Christians woke up one day to find out that they face beheading. Or, we all woke up to find that simplicity runs in families. The Bush family, to be specific.