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Dalia El Ali 24 Nov 2015

5 Nineties Fashion Trends That Are Making A Comeback

If you’re a 90’s kids like me, you’re sure to feel nostalgic about the simpler and better times; and lovers of nineties fashion are in luck because in the past year or so, we have witnessed the comeback of some of the most signature looks of that decade. So for all of you who are yearning for the days of Spice Girls and glitter nail-polish, this one’s for you.

1. Dark or burgundy lipstick

When Liv Tyler sported this daring colour back in 1995, everybody ended up imitating her. And now, thanks to celebrities like Kylie Jenner, this dark mysterious colour is back in style and gives you that vampy look you so desire.

2. Choker necklaces

One of my favourite accessories as a 90’s kid was the choker necklace, and the fact that it went out of style is honestly beyond me. Recently, we’ve been seeing different variations of it in Lebanon and honestly, it’s still as flawless as used to be. Long live the choker necklace!

3. Flannel shirts

When we think of flannel shirts, we immediately think of the 90’s grunge scene. While this trend might have been cool back then, I’m not so sure if it rings true today. Either way, if you’re not a fan of this trend but still want to look cool, just wrap the flannel around your waist and tie it.

4. Crop tops

It seems like it was a sin to cover up your midriff back in the nineties, and that trend is definitely back. All around us we see a sea of bare stomachs and bellybuttons, and we’re not complaining.

5. Baggy jeans

Well, this is almost a comeback. We’ve been witnessing the slow demise of the skinny jean (THANK GOD) for some time now. I don’t know how or why skinny jeans came to be but they need to stop. Thankfully, baggy jeans are making a slow but sure return but let’s pray that JNCO jeans never do.