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Dahlia Hage 30 Nov 2015

The Best Coffee In Beirut

“A day without coffee is like a day without coffee.” 

Coffee shops offer the most comforting and soothing atmospheres – the music is always soft, the lighting is always perfect, and the smell of coffee is always in the air. The ambiance, and simply the fact that you can be essentially be alone with a whole room of strangers is poetic on it’s own. But let’s be honest, none of that really matters unless your coffee is on point. One misstep in the process of making a cup of coffee is always noticeable to the die-hard drinker. Here are a few places in Beirut other than the corporate giants that you can count on for a consistent cup. 

Cafe Younes

Younes has a very consistent smooth but rich taste to their coffee, whether you get a double shot espresso or one of their dessert coffee drinks (the specialty iced coffee is the perfect blend of coffee and sweetness). They set themselves apart by using the highest quality of beans available; and their Beirut locations are refreshingly filled with students, creatives, foreigners, and business people of all types.

Bread Republic

Take a seat outside at Bread Republic Hamra and soak up the urban vibes, without the rush, with a cup of their rich and simple cups of coffee. Compliment your cup with one of their amazing desserts.

Latte Art

This shop has expanded from a small counter to a shop in 2 years but has never given up offering their satisfyingly milky lattes. The owner, Naim, is very hospitable and will ensure you have a good experience. Try the cafe frappe for an addictive experience!

Colombiano Coffee House

If you’re looking for a light but sharp coffee, look no further. Like a true coffee house they comfortingly serve all their drinks in mugs unless otherwise requested. Enjoy while sitting a few steps away from the Achrafieh hustle and bustle.

Grid Coffee Matrix

For many, Grid Coffee Matrix was likely discovered while taking a shopping break as it is only open in a corner of Beirut Souks. However, it’s no wonder the shop is always full as the coffee is rich and the staff is attentive above average.


Although they serve a wide variety of dishes, I have heard my pickiest friends define the best cappuccino in Beirut by the restaurant, Cappuccino. I didn’t believe them until I tried it.


Meito is perfect for a cup of coffee that is slightly out of the ordinary. Try an espresso based bubble tea from Meito, the espresso has a grainy taste that has been soothed by a dab of tea and milk. Add tapioca pearls and you are in for a rush of complementary tastes!