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Dahlia Hage 02 Dec 2015

9 Lebanese Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following

There are just so many underrated Lebanese Instagram accounts, that we really have no reason to stop scrolling. Here are a few of the most underrated Instagram accounts in Lebanon.

1. Cartoonish Beirut (@cartoonishbeirut)

“The city of Beirut has been invaded by a hord of rampant cartoons. This is where it starts. Not really bas enno.” This is Cartoonish Beirut’s Instagram Info section and it could not be more expressive of the wild combinations of cartoons and real life footage you will see on their page; for example, Tom and Jerry duking it out on Corniche El Mazraa. 

2. Beirut Food Porn (@beirutfoodporn)

The only page you need to visit for both dessert and meal suggestions. Beirut Food Porn updates their page with items from existing restaurants as well as new ones for a balanced flow and reminder of all the great food Beirut has to offer. 

3. Lebanese Street Style (@lebanesestreetstyle)

Lebanese Street Style shows well dressed Lebanese women in and out of Lebanon. This captures the essence of the well known stereotype that Lebanese women are stylish wherever they go.

4. Lebanese Society (@lebanesesociety)

Lebanese Society generates playful images with a play on words about Lebanese current events that clearly relays the citizen’s sentiments.

5. Let’s Talk About Movies (@tlkabtmovies)

This is the only blog in Lebanon that consistently critiques movies. His Instagram shows previews of ratings, but you need to visit the site for the full review. This is helpful for many who are always on the go. The man behind the blog, Anis Tabet is an encyclopedia for movies so don’t think twice about following him for movie advice.

6. Art 7ake (@art7ake)

Art 7ake consistently creates simple but witty artwork using images, design, and words to express a spin on everyday thoughts, in arabic.

7. Live Love Architecture (@livelovearchitecture)

Live Love Architecture allows the everyday person to view life like an architect. To see your daily surroundings with a completely different perspective that is able to capture the beauty of everyday architecture, follow this account.

8. Youssef Nassar (@youssefnassar)

Youssef Nassar stands out as a photographer in Lebanon because he complements his obvious talent for his craft, with hard work. His work is aways honest, raw and expressive. Youssef’s page is always flowing with updates for his friends and fans to sink into admiration.

9. Sareen (@sareen_ak)

Her bio reads: “A programmer by day, a cartoonist by night!” Don’t miss out on seeing the world through this cool woman’s eyes. A medley of food, architecture, and hilarious cartoons make up this must-see account.