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Dahlia Hage 06 Dec 2015

Beirut Has Its First Taco Truck, And We Love It!

The taco truck trend has spread all throughout the U.S. and finally made its way to Lebanon.

It has been almost a week since the El Gringo Taco Truck food tasting event, and at this point I wish it were a truck that just followed me around and waited under my house.

There are a few Mexican restaurants in Lebanon, but none have properly taken on the responsibility of offering authentic Mexican food in Beirut. As the most diverse city in the Middle East, this is quite unacceptable for Beirut. Thankfully, El Gringo’s owner knows how to properly prepare Mexican food due to a Mexican love interest, as well as an obvious passion for food.

[The menu.]

El Gringo Taco Truck serves a simple but thorough variety of Mexican food. After trying their items on two separate occasions, I can confirm that their ingredients are fresh and their dishes are hearty; there were no corners cut in preparing the dishes. The high quality of meat and vegetables is instantly apparent upon trying any of their items.

[The perfect burrito.]

A highlight from their menu is definitely the burritos. It was the first real burrito I have seen in Lebanon after actively searching for 6 years after my move from LA to Beirut. Yes, I realize this sounds dramatic, but once I ordered a burrito and it came in the form of an enchilada. (Food lovers would understand the disappointment.) El Gringo’s beef burrito is packed with fresh and savory ingredients that make for a well rounded wrap and the best burrito I’ve had in Lebanon.

El Gringo currently only open across from LAU Jbeil and upon request at venues. They will be open at Trainstation in Mar Mikhael for the Souk El Akel Christmas Festival from December 2nd until the 6th, on weekdays from 4- 10 pm, and on weekends from 12-10 pm.