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Mehr Shafiei 07 Dec 2015

The Lebanese You Learn In Textbooks

As a foreigner, learning the Lebanese dialect is one of the most enjoyable things you can do. No other language is as rich in expression. After surveying several standard Lebanese language textbooks, I found some interesting Lebanese expressions that everyone should know because they are very useful if you are in a romantic situation. The below was taken from a chapter entitled “Regret” (annadam).

1. He turned out to be a womanizer
Tili ‘ayno labara (niswanji)

2. She turned out to like staying up late and getting drunk daily.
Til’it bitHib ssahar w ssakar kill yawm

3. If I had known her to be a drunk, I wouldn’t have married her
Law ‘arifa sakkeera, ma tjiwwazta

4. He turned out to be stingy
Tili bakheel

5. You used to tell me that he’s stubborn and I didn’t believe you.
Kinti t’ouleele ino ‘aneed w ma Sad’ik

Yes. This is a real chapter out of a real book that teaches real people how to speak Lebanese. I guess they’re just preparing us for life! Speaking of which, how do I say, “roll up the windows because the smell of garbage is killing me”?