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Christina Fakhry 11 Dec 2015

Lebanese Photographer Sam Fakhoury: A New Perspective of Everyday Elements

From nature’s wonders to the human spirit, Lebanese photographer Sam Fakhoury captures real-life spectacles in a different light.

Beirut.com reached out to Fakhoury for a personal lookout on his beginnings, aesthetic evolution and upcoming projects.

How did your photography work evolve over the years?

When digital cameras were first released, bought a 1 megapixel camera, long ago, back in 1998! And after a few years I got an 8 megapixel pro camera to play with. Even though it was a professional camera, I did not use it professionally, and the pictures I took were nothing more than snapshots taken with the camera’s Auto mode where I had no control over the picture. Since 2009, my need for professional pictures increased and I realized that I should improve my technique. Therefore I bought many books, registered for professional workshops and took online courses. Through time and a lot of practice and trial and error, my photography skills started to evolve, and up till now, I keep learning more and more every day.

What initially inspired you to venture into photography?

Ever since I was a kid, I have always loved art and technology; I graduated in graphic and web design, and back then I had a clear idea that my vocation was focused towards some kind of visual creation. In 2009 I established an advertising agency in Muscat when I finally decided I wanted to study photography for my work needs and because it allows me to mix my interest in technology and love for art.

What sets your photographic approach apart from others?

It’s very important to me to create interesting photos with elements that people do not usually see, which makes the shots very attractive. For example, in my landscapes and nature photos I tend to mix natural elements with unnatural behaviors, such as seas without waves and cars with long light trails… More than documenting scenes in two dimensions, photography is about evoking particular moments, feelings, memories, and etching them into an image that, hopefully, will last forever.

Where does your motivation to keep going stem from?

Since photography is not only my hobby but also my profession, satisfying my clients is a big motivation for me. The improvement of my skills also propels me to keep on discovering new techniques, photography equipment and new styles.

Tell us about your upcoming projects.

I look forward to become a well-known, high-end wedding photographer; the opportunity to be part of the big day of couples who get married is very satisfying to me. It is both an honor and a pleasure to witness that special occasion and to help them save those memories in an artistic and interesting way so that they can bring them back to life every time they watch their pictures.

You can check out more of Fakhoury’s work on Instagram.