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Joanna Aziz 16 Dec 2015

Film Kteer Kbeer: A Lebanese Film Worth Watching

Since its release in September, Film Kteer Kbeer (Very Big Shot) has received a considerable amount of local and global admiration, and garnered applause from many for its exceptional concept and execution. Directed by Jean Bou Chaaya, the gripping film introduces us to three headstrong brothers living in a shady area in Beirut.

Led by the eldest brother Ziad, brilliantly portrayed by actor Alain Saadeh, the threesome organizes a devious scheme to transport a large quantity of drugs across the border. They devise a plan to make a feature film about making a film about an unfortunate couple, in order to transport their illegal products across the border.

Sounds simple enough, right? The result is an hour and a half of serious drama mixed with hilarious one-liners and surprising blasts. The cast, which includes the brilliant Wissam Fares – starring opposite Tarek Yacoub and Fouad Yammine, excel at giving realistic portrayals of middle class gangsters who are on their last attempt to escape poverty, and achieve their dreams of opening a decent (and crime-free) restaurant.

The abrupt ending results in questioning the morals of politicians all the while subtly addressing the difference between religions in Lebanon. This is absolutely not your cliched film of love and war. The Marrakech award-winning film gives a detailed depiction of suburban struggle through meticulous art direction and story-telling.

We definitely recommend that we all rally and support the growth of local talent and local productions. Film Kteer Kbeer is currently showing in theaters all around the country including Grand Cinema, CinemaCity, and Abraj.

You can watch the trailer here: