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Christina Fakhry 01 Feb 2016

20 Sweets Every Lebanese 90s Kid Binged On

I bet your taste buds are not ready for this.

1. Magic powder that turns into gum is where it all starts.

2. You then have to chew your way through 5 meters of this…

3. And ultimately join in the dabké circle.

4. But make sure you put on your favorite shoes first.

5. Once empty, this doubled as a whistle.

6. Life was good.

7. Almost too good to be true.

8. And always full of surprises.

9. Also, pandas.

10. You never wanted to share these with other kids.

11. And you couldn’t quit smoking fake cigarettes.

12. Or binging on mysterious strawberry-disguised hard candy for that matter.

13. Make way for the Prince, everyone!

14. Chupa Chups <3


16. Please tell me you remember these.

17. Collecting Smarties lids was art.

18. Your daily dose of freshness.

19. These spoke to your taste buds for some reason…

20. And when everything else was gone, this was always there to save the day!