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Christina Fakhry 13 Feb 2016

8 Struggles Of Being Naturally Skinny In Lebanon

Many people covet an ultra-slim body figure, but being skinny has its drawbacks too. Join us as we delve into some of the struggles faced by naturally skinny members of the Lebanese society.

1. When people automatically assume you don’t eat anything.

Just a friendly reminder that being a naturally skinny creature does not imply that I’m living on a water-only diet while secretly growing lettuce in my backyard. Also, can you please leave my metabolism alone once and for all for Biology’s sake?

2. When you’re just never able to live up to your grandma’s expectations.

An authentic Lebanese grandma would never let you step out of her house until she has entirely stuffed your existence with outrageous amounts of food. But if you happen to be slightly skinnier than average, the treats automatically double, which means you’re neither capable of keeping up nor allowed to complain about being full. Talk about dead ends.

3. When you’re wearing close-fitting clothing and people start freaking out over your bones.

Have you ever tried leaving the house in a close-fitting dress or high-waist leggings without hearing at least one person comment on how your hip bones are popping out? Or even better, have you ever managed to spend a day at the beach without anyone pointing out the fact that they can count your ribs? “OMG are those your hip bones?” Sorry couldn’t come up with a relevant reply, I was just baffled by the sharpness of your observation for a second there. “I can see your rib cage.” Good for you. I can see it too. And just for the record, I can very well see that too.

4. When you’re perpetually forced to finish your plate.

While it is totally understandable for your mom to urge you to finish your plate at a young age, things become less funny when such a duty is casually transferred to your friends later in life. The pressure particularly increases when eating out, as you are expected to dodge a panoply of supposedly funny but absolutely unsolicited remarks of the “Aren’t you going to finish the rest of your meal?” type. Like, why am I supposed to come up with creative explanations every time my tiny stomach is unable to accommodate a larger-than-life restaurant portion? You go finish your plate and leave me be!

5. When pointing out your skinniness becomes a legitimate conversation starter.

When you meet someone for the first time and they’re just unable to come up with a more creative alternative to the usual “you’re so skinny whoa” to spark a conversation, and you just have to go with it every.single.time.

6. When your health becomes a topic of concern to strangers and third degree relatives.

People sometimes feel the need to bring up your health just to fill the void in times of conversational blackout. “You look a bit tired, are you okay?” Perfectly fine, thank you. “Are you sure you’re not anorexic?” Um, yes? “You should eat more honey, it helps you gain weight.” Will surely take that into consideration once you start showing up to social gatherings in a bee costume.

7. When people feel the need to tighten the grip on your wrists in order to emphasize how thin they actually are.

The wrist-grabbing game has basically become a functional part of your existence, except that you hardly ever enjoy it and never actually chose to participate in it in the first place. “OMG can I grab your wrist? It’s just too thin OMG.” Brilliant. I am very entertained indeed. Now move away.

8. When you’re expected to give valid excuses for your skinniness.

I just never understand why some people react to skinniness as if it were some kind of pitiful, almost sinful condition. From utterly useless comments like “leh hal2ad d3ifeh” and “haram ma byeswa hek” to explain yourself-type detailed body weight investigations, it has become clear that the Lebanese society needs to cut down on petty-mindedness and maybe find something slightly more alarming to fuss over (garbage, presidential vacuum and human rights breaches are good examples for starters).