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Dahlia Hage 08 Feb 2016

5 Places To Get Homemade Lebanese Food In Beirut

Cutting homemade Lebanese food out is not an option.

Self- declared by most Lebanese as the best cuisine on Earth, homestyle Lebanese food is essential. Even if that statistic is a little off, Lebanese food is definitely one of the healthiest cuisines in the world and if you can’t make it yourself, it’s best to find someone who can. 

When you’re out of your home, here are a few restaurants that will treat you like their own. 


Whistles is a cozy, family run restaurant that is very consistent with their quality and menu. They feature different dishes every day, but you can be sure to find favorites on certain days of the week, such as grape leaves and Sayadiyeh (rice and fish). Their dishes come with a side salad and they always have a homemade dessert available. They can even package your meal to go.

Aunty Salwa

With daily freshly-made dishes, you’re guaranteed to find something you love at this tiny establishment. The food is fresh and delicious, and will always remind you of your mama’s cooking. Main meals include: mloukhiyye, stuffed cabbage, kibbeh, and more! There is also a wide selection of cold mezza you can eat alongside your hot meal.


Socrate has a wide selection of monthly scheduled homestyle dishes as well as a salad bar with some favorites. In addition, they offer a variety of prepackaged Lebanese sides and salads to go. They can deliver, or package your meal to go.

La Tabkha

La Tabkha has a weekly schedule of five quality daily dishes. Their dishes come with a side salad and dessert for a completely satisfying meal. They can deliver, or package your meal to go.

La Cigale

La Cigale is more than just a patisserie, they have a separate section just for dining. Their restaurant is casual but with the air of a quiet sit down meal. La Cigale offers certain dishes on specific days of the week such as Sayadiyeh on Fridays, but pleasantly mixes it up on other days.