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Lama Hajj 17 Feb 2016

8 Things We All Need To Stop Doing On Instagram

I love Instagram.

I love slapping an X-Pro II filter on my face and making it seem like I have strong cheekbones. I love layering a Juno on top of that. I love jacking up my features with so much shadowing that I only seem to resemble TV legend Oprah Winfrey.

It’s easy to get swept up into the world of breakfast posts and glamorous selfies – but we all need to chill.

Here are 8 things we should all stop doing on Instagram:

1. Coffee posts.

Wow! Your coffee is a dark shade of brown too? That’s amazing – so is every other coffee in the universe. A worse offense: documenting latte art.

2.The view from your airplane.

You can afford a ticket, we get it.

3. Inspirational quotes.

This is inspiring me to kill you.

4. Monthly greetings.

”Hello, April.” No, just shut the fuck up and stop talking to months.

5. Hot dog legs.

Just stop.

6. Avocado toast.

We’re all guilty of this one.

7. Hashtagging everything to death.

#ImSoCuteAndRandomLol #Paris

8. Blurry concert photos and videos.

”Queen Bey was amazing!” No.

But seriously: social media has created so much anxiety in us that it’s probably going to be pinpointed as a leading cause of mental distress in the coming years. (This is my very unprofessional but highly plausible opinion.) Nobody is going to be Instagramming a picture of them feeding their cat or changing a diaper, but maybe we should start!

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