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Jasmin Tokko 18 Feb 2016

5 Of The Coziest Pubs In Beirut

There are times when you feel like being somewhere calm, cozy, and relaxing; times when you feel like escaping from all the noise in our screen-saturated lives.

As noisy as the city of Beirut can be there are those few places that can give you that peace of mind you are seeking, here are some of our favorites – be sure to comment and add some of yours!

1. Dar Bistro & Books

Dar Bistro & Books is the sweetest escape at any time of the day. It’s a home with a big backyard and beautiful greenery, but the best part is its library. Whenever you feel like reading a book and escaping the hustle-bustle, Dar Bistro is the place to go. An added bonus is the delectable food they offer.

2. Ales & Tales

A place where laughter and joy never leave you; armed with friendly bartenders, unique cocktails, and good music, Ales & Tales’ main secret is its very cozy rooftop. It’ll make you feel like staying all night with your friends bonding over delicious cocktails and great food!

3. De Prague

(Image via DailyStar.com.lb)

De Prague is the kind of place that you plan to spend the morning in but you end up staying till late afternoon. The lighting is dim, the couches are very comfortable, and the music is marvelous. More than that the food is out of this world, it’s a calm oasis in the middle of Hamra’s busy streets.

4. Tailor’s Bar

The streets of Badaro are some of calmest and nicest in Beirut, that’s where this bar is located. At Tailor’s Bar the people are lovely, the food is mouthwatering, and the vibe is just feel-good. The vintage décor of the place will also take you back to the old days and it makes you feel like you are in another city.

Coop D’ Etat

There is something about rooftops that simply makes it all better, and this place has the perfect rooftop with the perfect ambiance. Enjoy a nice breeze while you’re having a drink with your friends, cozy and comfortable.