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Ghina Al Fout 01 Mar 2016

How To Use The New Sexual Harassment Tracker In Beirut

While sexual harassment is rarely openly discussed in our society, it is indeed widespread. That is precisely why three Lebanese entrepreneurs have decided to break the silence with Harrass Tracker.

Sandra El Hassan, Myra El Mir, and Nay El Rahi have developed the new sexual harassment tracking website in Beirut. The site serves as a reporting platform where people who have witnessed or experienced sexual harassment can pin the exact location on a map and provide any pertinent details to the incident.

All you have to do is visit the website and fill out the form on the homepage below the map. You can use as many or as few details as you like. You can also click the pins on the map to view previously submitted harassments.

In creating a direct reporting system for such incidents, the most immediate result will (hopefully) be a system of accountability. In the absence of stringent laws and preventative measures, there hasn’t really been a way to track or measure sexual harassment in Beirut – and that is exactly what the website intends to do.

El Hassan told NewsWeek that the three women “hope to empower victims to report…[and] raise awareness as to the frequency and severity of sexual harassment in the city”. “In the longer term, we hope to use the data collected to offer recommendations on how to tackle this issue practically as well as contribute to a shift in perception with regards to sexual harassment,” said El Hassan.

The website also offers a detailed definition of sexual harassment, a list of NGO’s that aid in protecting victims, and a brief description of the Lebanese legal stance concerning sexual harassment.

The website will have a 3-month trial in Beirut, and if successful, will be expanded across Lebanon.